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The Activist 21/03/2023

Hi, my name is Callie, and I’m the author of ‘The Boy in 7 Billion’- the story of my son who, by the age of 12 had been diagnosed with cancer twice. In 2013, he was given just three days to live.

Today, because of my foresight and willingness to give him Cannabis, Deryn is still alive and thriving. I have spent many years since his recovery helping others find alternative ways to heal themselves – I work with various plant medicines, energy, breath and water, and my aim is to empower YOU to save yourself.

After many years deeply entrenched in the Cannabis industry as an activist, I saw a great need for a top quality, highly potent, clean CBD with accurate and easy dosing and so after finding a manufacturer I could trust implicitly, The Activist CBD was born.

The Activist ~ A collection of three unique blends of CBD with a focus on natural ingredients and accurate dosing. In two of our blends, we add high quality terpenes to further enrich our products, ensuring that our consumers have access to a variety of extra health benefits.

From 2014 until I partnered with Taylor Mammon, I had been approached by a large number of CBD producers, all wanting me to create my products with them – it was incredibly important to me that my partners shared my ethics, my vision, my goals and most importantly – they had to share my high standards.

I was adamant on a number of aspects when creating The Activist CBD after experiencing many substandard products on the market for a number of years, both as a consumer and as a judge for various CBD awards.

The Activist CBD is a dream come true, and it is of the utmost importance that I deliver both accuracy and potency to my customers. We all need to know exactly what we’re consuming, and no one wants a mouth full of oil, regardless of how lovely it tastes (and my CBD does taste very lovely).

I’m looking for people to represent my brand – If you care about the well-being of yourself and your loved ones, you require quality products and you care about the standards, accuracy and potency of your CBD products – I’m looking for YOU!

If that resonates and you love my products as much as I do – I would be honoured to work WITH you!

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