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Purple Punch

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Purple Punch is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. It carries a deep grape aroma with sweet earthy notes, perfect for rest and relaxation.


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About our Purple Punch

Based on our original CBD extract we have infused our bespoke terpene profiles for their directional benefits.

Purple Punch is an Indica dominated hybrid strain that is a result of crossing Larry OG with Grand Daddy Purple. This carries a dominant deep grape aroma with sweet earthy notes.

This terpene profile has been designed for use in the evening times and helps to relax and calm you after a long day.


2 reviews for Purple Punch

  1. Claire Sparey (verified owner)

    I started taking the Purple Punch last week, I ordered it because I had once again reached that point in my life where I was sick of living, not so much suicidal (this time), more didn’t care if I woke up in the mornings. I felt like I was being crushed by everything, completely overwhelmed and fighting back tears constantly. I have suffered with my mental health my entire life, anxiety, depression, PTSD, plus my physical health has never been that good and there is a long list of conditions I’ve been diagnosed with. I recently found out I am Autistic and they suspect I also have ADHD, which explains so much of my suffering.

    I stopped taking anything the GP or so called specialists prescribed just over three years ago, and there were a LOT of drugs I was on and they just seemed to be making me sicker (I had been incorrectly diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder) and started my CBD journey, I had to wean off everything. My physical health improved and my mental health as well for the most part, but nothing I have tried up to this point has done for me what Purple Punch has. I knew before I ordered it that the base CBD oil plus the terpenes in it are exactly what my body and brain like, but I’ve not been able to get them together like this. I mugged the postman the day it arrived and immediately opened it and took 2 drops. Within about 2 minutes the weight of the world lifted and I felt more relaxed, my brain slowed down so I could think and I felt lighter. For two days I took 2 drops twice a day, then I changed it and took one drop in the morning and two at night, that worked just as well as I had infused my body with what it needed.

    Now it’s about a week later and you know what, it’s still keeping me grounded, I’m being more productive, I’m less snappy with my family and I am coping so much better, I’m even managing a smile and giggle here and there, they have been missing for a while now. On a bad day I will do two drops twice a day, but for now I am doing better and I intend to keep going.

    If anyone ever tells you the terpenes are a gimmick or there is nothing to them, they aren’t and there is! You have no idea how important they are, and I thank Callie from the bottom of my heart for developing something that is so perfect for me and it means so much to know that I don’t have to suffer. Oh, it also tastes really good, not something too many people have ever said about CBD oils in the past. And it’s helped my menopause hot flushes as a happy side effect!

    If I had to give up eating to restock I would do so in a heartbeat, personally I would rather be happy and less fed, than well fed and miserable. THANK YOU Callie! xx

  2. charlottebuck (verified owner)

    Purple Punch is a godsend!
    Anxiety and poor sleep was getting the better of me, started taking 1000mg 20 mins before bed every night.
    It makes such a noticeable difference. I actually feel like I’ve slept and my mind is so much clearer the next day which helps with my anxiety levels. And my partner has noticed a change in her menstrual cycle, which she hasn’t seen in over 2 years!
    A firm 5bstars from us. Amazing product. I would highly recommend it.

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